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SEO is the practice of improving a website in order to improve its rank when people search for related terms online. There are many aspects that contribute to SEO, from the words, images, and videos on the site – to the code structure. User experience and social interaction are all indexed and interpreted to determine where your site falls on the search results page. Since we craft and manage your SEO from the code upward, we’re in a unique position to make the best of every detail in improving your search engine rankings.

When you want the best burger in your area, you ask Google. You aren’t looking to read about every place in America that makes a burger—you just want the very best. That’s what great SEO does for your company. It tells Google and everyone using Google; that you are the best.

Now that’s a juicy burger.


We continually manage campaign details such as keywords, placement bids, creative and even website design to optimize the quality of your SEO, making your web presence as effective as possible, while staying on budget. We provide our clients with analytics and tracking so that everyone can access the effectiveness of your site performance.
  • Advanced Strategy

    We pride ourselves on having a different and more effective SEO strategy than others. We start with keyword research to get an understanding of what consumers in your area are searching for most. Then we work to understand where your company sits in these search results compared to others through a competitive gap analysis. Next we focus on a number of internal optimization strategies, such as high quality and diverse link building and producing high quality blog content to organically up your ranking in search engine results.

  • Flexibility

    Every website has different goals based on the company's goals. We work with you to create a 100% customized website to meet your specific goals. Things like a call to action and website design should be prominent and focused. Lucky for you, Killerspots also specializes in website design, so we understand how search engines read your website, and help them understand that your website deserves to be at the top of search results.

  • Bells and Whistles

    All the extra pieces of SEO are what makes your website standout among the competition. We offer support in boosting links, building access to rank tracking, processing N.A.P. listings across the web, video creation with tags, and four 1000 word blogs. Let us show you the difference - all we need is three months to show you how much your website can grow with us on your team.

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