Brand, Identity, & Design

Your brand is your company’s identity

Branding creates a unique thumbprint for your company. It is your company’s story distilled into one look. Your brand should be memorable and instantaneously recognizable. It should portray how you want your company to be viewed. Whether you’re starting from scratch, giving life to an outdated look, or just want to tie everything together; our design team is here to help.

We can help with logos, letterheads, business cards, packaging, & more.


We specialize in symbols, wordmarks, and a combination of both. Symbol logos are imagery or icons like Nike’s swoosh or Twitter’s bird icon. Wordmarks and lettermarks are like Google’s logo or McDonald’s M. Combination logos are like Walmart and their burst symbol as well as Taco Bell’s wordmark and the bell icon.


A well-designed letterhead is important for your business. A letterhead shows exactly who you are, helps clients identify your brand, and gives your company credibility. Letterheads can be used on a variety of platforms, including postal mail, emails, and signatures and should be used to set a strong tone for your company’s voice.

Business cards

Business cards allow you to make new connections by having information about your company on hand at all times. They are the first interaction potential clients have with your company’s brand and should be visually enticing, informational, and memorable. They provide an open line of communication between yourself and potential clients.


Attractive, functional, and well-designed packaging attracts the consumer’s eye and gets them excited about the product. Packaging has become a major factor in influencing what products consumers choose to buy. The look of a product’s packaging can directly affect the price point of the product and drive sales.

More of what we do:

• Branding guides
• Design vehicle wraps
• Infographics
• Web graphics
• Flyers
• Posters
• Postcards
• Brochures
• Pamphlets

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