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First impressions are important. They can have a lasting impact on possible customers’ perceptions of your business. How your company presents itself should be cohesive and recognizable while also presenting personality and purpose. A logo that is unclear and confusing doesn’t do a good job bringing in customers. Having a logo that distills the important aspects of your company is incredibly important to your relationship with customers and to your overall brand identity.

Brand identity is the overall presentation of your company and sets the design standard for your products, advertisements, and overall presentation. A company that provides lawn care will have a different personality than a company that sells high-end watches. Both, however, should take great care in how their company is represented.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, reviving an outdated look, or simply wanting to tie everything together under one cohesive look, our design team is here to help.


Of the several different types of logos, they can be boiled down to three different types: wordmark, pictorial, and emblem. Each of these categories have their own overarching design aspects but still have many variations within them. Our design team can work with you to figure out which type of logo would best fit your company and craft a unique design, specifically for your company’s needs.


Letterheads are important for communication, printed and digital! A well-designed letterhead maintains a level of professionalism and credibility while still expressing your brand’s identity. Instead of handing a customer a plain piece of paper, hand them one with your branding clearly displayed. This way the customer knows at a glance where the paper came from and it doesn’t get accidentally thrown away.


Business cards are the most common way to exchange information in the professional word. Every professional worth their salt has one. Second only to a logo, they’re the most important thing to have for any business. Effective business cards display your company, the employee’s name, and contact information in a way that is clear and attractive but still have an overall cohesive and memorable design.


After spending so much time creating an overarching design, it’s essential to make sure you maintain that standard. Creating a brand guide can help by laying out colors, fonts, design aesthetics, and even what not to do. This can be extremely helpful for new hires or for longtime workers to keep on hand as a reference. A brand guide helps create the framework to work within to uphold your brand’s identity and to keep it consistent.


Having a presence in print isn’t enough anymore, you also gotta go digital! You can display interesting and attractive web graphics on a company website or posted on social media to show off some of your company’s work, products, or to give tips and facts about your related field of work! An active social media account can help you reach potential customers and spread brand awareness!


Do you have an event you need to advertise? Flyers and posters are great for advertising shows, parties, and other events. Imagery fitting the theme or aesthetic of the event can be just as important as the text information displayed. The text about your event should be easy to read and balanced well with the design and other imagery used. From themed bar nights to once-a-year sales, a well-designed poster or flyer can benefit your event.


A menu needs to have the perfect balance of thematic design and clearly displayed information. We’ve all tried ordering from a poorly designed menu and it often never goes well. Whether you need a small drink menu or several pages with full color photos of dishes, great care and consideration needed for your menu’s design and layout.

We can help with logos, letterheads, business cards, packaging, & more.


We specialize in symbols, wordmarks, and a combination of both. Symbol logos are imagery or icons like Nike’s swoosh or Twitter’s bird icon. Wordmarks and lettermarks are like Google’s logo or McDonald’s M. Combination logos are like Walmart and their burst symbol as well as Taco Bell’s wordmark and the bell icon.


A well-designed letterhead is important for your business. A letterhead shows exactly who you are, helps clients identify your brand, and gives your company credibility. Letterheads can be used on a variety of platforms, including postal mail, emails, and signatures and should be used to set a strong tone for your company’s voice.

Business cards

Business cards allow you to make new connections by having your company’s contact information on hand at all times. They are the first interaction potential clients have with your company’s brand. As a result, they should be visually enticing, memorable, and immediately invite communication and new business.


Attractive, functional, and well-designed packaging attracts the consumer’s eye and gets them excited about the product. Packaging has become a major factor in influencing what products consumers choose to buy. The look of a product’s packaging can directly affect the price point of the product and drive sales.


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