Radio Commercials

Since 1999, Killerspots has been known for its award-winning creative production styles. On-time delivery and customer experience are our priorities. Our radio commercials have brought in a multitude of success for our clients. Any Industry. Any length, voice, language, and at any time. You get the point! We are a dedicated radio ads team that strategizes with scripts, voice talents, sound effects, and the right music to attract YOUR CORE AUDIENCE that’s completely affordable on your budget!

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Voice Overs

Even if you are producing your own videos, podcasts, or projects, we have the perfect voice. Professional voices from all over the world can add the final polish to your project. You can add a dramatic movie trailer voice, any accent, or even a group of voices. A professional voice over actor will have the ability to deliver exactly what they promise so that they meet the needs of your video. If a voice over actor has an extensive background in acting in front of a camera or onstage, you can be sure that they will be able to offer real authenticity to your video.

We’ll match any style in any language! This allows you to target your specific audience.


We create catchy jingles for radio commercials or podcasts your customers will sing all day. Rock, country, jazz, pop…no matter the genre or mood! We will craft the perfect catchy tune for your business. Jingles are a great way to bring life to your radio spots, podcasts, and other recordings, and catch the ears of your audience. Few things can help an advertising message or podcast memorable like jingles. A good jingle will help listeners remember your brand name, idea, or your current promotions. The next time your audience sees an ad for your business or podcast, they’ll immediately associate your jingle with your advertising.

On-Hold Custom Messages

Affordable, professional quality on-hold messaging service, streaming music for business, website audio production, and voicemail / auto-attendant services are designed to keep your caller interested, engaged and on the line. Talk to your customer before you even pick up the phone. On hold messages are one of the best ways to communicate with your customer audience. Talented professional voice actors can record your voicemail greeting, company directory, call menu and more.

Don’t let your on-hold music be a missed opportunity. With on-hold messages, you can start your conversation before you even pick up the phone!

Did you know?

Since 1999, The Killerspots Agency has been known for its award-winning creative production styles. On-time deliveries and
Customer experiences are our priorities.

The Killerspots Agency is a contagiously creative, full-service digital marketing, audio production, and media agency.  Our culture is a strategy at its core. With measurable results and complete customer service. We have EVERYTHING under one roof. Even other ad agencies use us. (not naming names)  Furthermore, we have helped businesses of all sizes and budgets get that edge over their competitors.

We partner with our clients to develop continuously evolving marketing approaches. Our strategies dynamically adapt to their business for maximum R.O.I.
Try us, you’ll see why we’ve been non-stop since The Backstreet Boys sang “I Want It That Way”! (By the way, Killer song!)

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