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Radio Commercials

Since 1999, Killerspots has been known for it’s award-winning creative production styles and on-time delivery, customer experience is our priority. Any Industry. Any length, voice, language and any time. You get the point!


We create catchy jingles for radio commercials your customers will sing all day. Rock, country, jazz, pop…no matter the genre or mood we craft catchy tunes.

Voice Overs

Even if you are producing your own videos or projects, we have the perfect voice. Professional voices from all over the world can add the final polish to your project. Add the dramatic movie trailer voice, any accent, or even a group of voices. We’ll match any style in a myriad of languages, allowing for specific audience targeting.

On-Hold Messages

Affordable, professional quality on-hold messaging service, streaming music for business, website audio production and voicemail / auto-attendant services are designed to keep your caller interested, engaged and on the line.

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