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Need a professional studio space for audio/sound production?

Our studios are affordable and available to every one at every level of experience.

Whether you are an experienced videographer or a first time director looking to make a YouTube video series; you’ll feel right at home in our beautiful production facilities. Our professional studios are conveniently located just off Interstate 275, minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Killerspots.com, Inc.® offers a full broadcast radio sound booth for professional grade sound recording – which is used by several National talents and agencies!

Audio Production
Audio Mastering

Features |

  • Neuman® high-end microphone
  • Avalon® processor and Avalon vacuum tubes
  • Focusrite® pre-amps
  • Full Sound deadening
  • KRK® Studio monitors
  • Clean / filtered power
  • Adobe® CS6 and CS5
  • Mastering and Delivery

Amenties |

  • Large conference area (table seats 10)
  • Apple® tv |Free Wi-Fi
  • Dolby® 5.1 surround sound Bose® system | 60″ TV |
  • Restroom and kitchen area/ Coffee makers / Water cooler/ Refrigerator
  • Access to an experienced operator to help set up and run the equipment
  • Plenty of Free, well-lit and easy access parking in a professional building

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