Video Production

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Tv Commercials

The screen we all know and love. High production value will make your message shine… just like our twin Telly Awards. We can help you come up with a script, find talent and even distribute your commercial locally or nationally.

Web Videos

Search engine results, social media engagement, viraltiy, click-throughs, time spent on site… video outpaces all other media in these critical metrics and more. Killerspots® creates custom videos built around your brand, your objectives and your customers. We make you stand out with entertaining, effective videos.


Introduce yourself & your brand with a documentary style video. You build your company every day; customers love to see real people doing real work. More authentic than a scripted video, this will break down barriers between companies and customers, showcasing your unique personalty and passion.

Graphics & Animation

Sleek, modern and highly effective. Motion Graphics videos are a perfect blend of stylish graphics and text. Our motion graphic videos can make even the most intangible topics come to life: your company’s mission statement, customer reviews, software demonstrations, even descriptions of services.

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