Rank high on Google

KillerReviews builds you a custom SEO-optimized review microsite displaying all your best reviews from all sites, along with your updated business information.

The constant stream of fresh, organic content boosts your search ranking even further, so customers easily find your microsite when searching for reviews of your business or industry.

Manage negative reviews

 Don’t get blindsided by negative reviews. Killer Reviews sends you real-time alerts so you can address customer issues before they escalate, turning frustrations into great customer experiences. Remember to respond not react when dealing with an upset customer

Today’s consumers cannot be convinced to buy through a traditional advertisement anymore. Purchasing decisions aren’t made through catchy taglines or banner ads, instead, customers want to hear first-hand why they should choose YOU.

Our platform allows you full control of your online reputation, or we can manage it for you. Whatever best fits your business’s needs.

Online presence: Keep your business information consistent across 50+ sites and directories. The system constantly scans for missing or inaccurate listings and fixes them in real-time.

Review generation: KillerReviews sends your customers SMS or email review requests immediately after a transaction, then directs happy customers to third-party review sites of your choice. Easily collect new reviews on a consistent basis without any extra work on your end.

Review management: Real-time new review alerts ensure you don’t miss a word and allows you to respond instantly to negative feedback.

Review marketing: Auto-promote your best reviews to your website, social channels, and search engines. KillerReviews also creates a customized SEO-optimized microsite for your business displaying your best reviews from 200+ sites along with up-to-date business information.

One dashboard: Monitor, manage, and analyze your reviews and ratings from all sites in one place, in real-time.

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